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Interested in bringing your business to the NFT or metaverse space? We are here to help! Please explore our range of services and packages.


Have your eyes set on an irresistible digital wearable? Dress your avatar before purchasing.

Exclusive Virtual Events & Exhibitions

through our exclusive Rotating-Gallery and Booking System for all users.

Collaboration with Non-Blockchain Businesses

in Releasing Premium and Branded NFTs.

Referral System Features

with incentives.

User-Friendly Platform Experience

for all NFT users across the Metaverse.

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The CanvasLand Public Sale

Our token public sale is coming up! Want to find out more about the public sale and details on participation? We are more than excited to have you be a part of our journey.


Strategy & Timeline

Phase 1: Foundation Setup & Brand Awareness

  • Build up the website protocol and UAT focus
  • Building community, social media branding
  • Outreach to artists to onboard them onto Canvasland
  • Closeout seed funding + Private funding

Q4 2021

Phase 2: Engagement & Promotion, Consistent Content Strategy

  • Launch series of NFTs in collaboration with artist (Q1 2022)
  • Launch IDO
  • Launch marketplace beta/ prototype
  • Hosting events with partners to promote art + NFTs

Q1–Q2 2022

Phase 3: Launch of CanvasLand Marketplace, Cross-Chain Integrations with Various Blockchains

  • Prepare for DAO features
  • Hosting events with partners to promote art + NFTs
  • Launch of incentive programs for artists

Q3–Q4 2022


January 2022

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Curious about CanvasLand, CanvasLand City and the mission we’ve set out to achieve in this ever-evolving NFT and Metaverse space? Read more below.


  • Vision & Mission

  • Ecosystem

  • Tokenomics

  • Technical Roadmap

  • Strategic Roadmap

Press Release

CanvasLand joins hands with significant Singaporean artistes, melding traditional artwork with modern technology into exclusive NFTs.

For all press-related queries, please reach out to [email protected]

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