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Dive into a world where imagination meets intelligence. Create and customize your own AI-driven characters to enhance your presence in the Metaverse. With CanvasLand, the future of digital interaction is at your fingertips!
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What We're About:

Interested in bringing your business to the NFT or metaverse space? We are here to help! Please explore our range of services and packages.

Create Your AI Companion

Leverage our cutting-edge Generative AI technology to bring your unique AI characters to life. Customize their knowledge, persona, and more to fit perfectly into your Metaverse narrative.

Try Before You Dive

Experiment with different avatars and personalities for your AI companion. Ensure they align with your vision before bringing them into the Metaverse.

Immerse in Exclusive Virtual Events

Navigate through our Rotating-Gallery and utilize our Booking System to showcase your AI characters and projects in exclusive events and exhibitions.

Bridge Realities with Collaborations

Connect and collaborate with non-blockchain businesses to release premium, branded AI characters and NFTs, enhancing your digital portfolio.

Enjoy Perks with Referrals

Invite others to the world of CanvasLand and reap rewards. Our referral system is designed to benefit you and the expanding community.

Navigate with Ease

Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless experience, whether you are a seasoned NFT enthusiast or taking your first steps in the Metaverse.


Strategy & Timeline

Phase 1: Foundation Setup & Brand Awareness

  • Build up the website protocol and UAT focus
  • Building community, social media branding
  • Outreach to artists to onboard them onto Canvasland
  • Closeout seed funding + Private funding

Q4 2021

Phase 2: Engagement & Promotion, Consistent Content Strategy

  • Launch series of NFTs in collaboration with artist (Q1 2022)
  • Launch marketplace beta/ prototype
  • Hosting events with partners to promote art + NFTs

Q1-Q2 2022

Phase 3: Launch of CanvasLand Marketplace, Cross-Chain Integrations with Various Blockchains

  • Hosting events with partners to promote art + NFTs
  • Launch of incentive programs for artists

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Research & Development of Generative AI for Metaverse
  • Collaboration on in-house projects with selected partners

Q1-Q3 2023

  • Public Launch of AI Character Creation service
  • Public deployment of AI Characters across partner sites

Q4 2023

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